Vid - The Mystic

I made a thing! Vid, Sam, Dean, S6-8, "The Mystic" by Adam Jensen.

This was inspired by the wonderful kalliel in her post where she shared this song and about what great parallels there are to Sam and Dean in s6-s8. Naturally, even though I've never made a fan vid before, I HAD TO MAKE ONE. XD

It was a lot of fun to make, though I went back and forth on what to do, because I wanted to use the whole song, but I also wanted to keep things chronological. I've been sitting on this a couple weeks now, and think I'm gonna call this the final version. Seems like a good day to share (happy birthday, Kalliel<333)!

(PS maybe don't click to full screen because it's kinda pixelated oops.)


"Hopelessly behind," she said

Not even four days after uttering those words, I have completely caught up on season 13. Including last night's episode.

I know only having seen 5 of the 16 aired episodes is pretty wild, but I'm not sure why catching up was such a feat in my mind. Back in the day, when I first discovered SPN, I was flying through episodes, undaunted by the 10 plus seasons before me. To be fair, I wasn't quite sure where to watch s13, and I've since found a way. But yeah, I was maybe being a little dramatic. XD

Anyway, I forgot how different binging makes reflecting on the episodes. Mainly because there's a lot less of it. I occasionally paused the episode to make a note or take a screen cap, but things blur together more and there's not the same level of scrutiny and rehashing that sitting on an episode for a week makes you do. But here are some favorite things/thoughts/reactions on 13x06 through 13x12:

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On clothing choices

Hi! Wow, it's been a while. Idk, life happened and I got busy and I am currently hopelessly behind on s13 ahhh, but I was thinking about spn and I kinda miss it. <3 I even got into writing some fic the other day, which was a little out of the blue considering I hadn't watched show/read fic in moooonths. Also I just saw we got renewed for s14!!! \o/

Today I wore navy rainboots with a black sweater, which I'm fairly certain is a no go as far as color combos go, and then it almost didn't even rain. So I was mostly just kicking around in clashy rain boots in sunny weather ahaha. That to say, I'm pretty sure this is why I'm fond of Sam's orange jacket from s12. (I don't remember/have any idea if it's still around, err.) Like, it works for me because it... doesn't work. XP

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Back in Black

Hi! I had an amazing summer at my internship! I loved working with the kids - so many sweet smiles and hugs! It was really challenging at points too, but I learned so much and made so many wonderful friends and memories. So, so glad for the experience! It's kinda hard to put into words and I'm sleepy at the moment so more on that later, but I at least wanted to declare my joy and say hi. How was your summer? What's new? I'm excited to catch up with things. :D

In other news, my sister continued on with SPN while I was gone! I knew she'd enjoyed it, but I wasn't sure if it was going to take, so that's pretty rad. She made it to s4 and we've gotten to watch a bit together since I got back. It's fun sharing that with her, and reliving all those s4 feels, oh man.

(Also, did I really wear all black today just to say "back in black?" Pshhhh. XP)

Peace out

Wow life is crazy but two things:

1) I watched the first three episodes of SPN with my sister and it was fantastic.

2) I'm officially peacing out from the interwebs until August for my internship. Take care!
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Fic: Room Full of Red (pretend to be numb)

Title: Room Full of Red (pretend to be numb)
Spoilers: 12x18 "The Memory Remains"
Characters: Dean, Sam, Alastair
Genre: gen, angst, horror-ish
Rating/Warnings: PG13; warning for flashbacks/references to torture and dark hell stuff
Word-count: ~2000
Summary: Hell is something that has a habit of coming back to haunt you. Even nine years later at a meat packaging plant in nowhere, Wisconsin.
Notes: title from "Some Kind of Joke" by Awolnation.

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Fic: Dusted

Title: Dusted
Genre/setting: gen, h/c, nebulously set post-s2
Rating: T
Word count: ~2k
Summary: Dean wakes up to his knees against cracked asphalt, his lungs burning from dust. There are only three points of color in this picture: Muted blue sky. Green-gray scrub. And blood-red crazy of not-Sam.
Notes: Betaed by the awesome hollyhobbit101. Started for ohsam's triple play in November, but tabled for a while because of stuff. Thanks to Lennelle for the lovely prompt: 1) A road through the middle of nowhere 2) Dean 3) "You're not the real Sam.”
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Fic: Amulets for Ornaments

Title: Amulets for Ornaments
Characters: Sam, Dean, Cas
Genre: h/c, gen
Rating: T
Word count: ~3k
Summary: Sam’s trying to decorate a Christmas tree for Cas. It’d be easier if he and Dean were talking. It’d also be easier if he could find some real ornaments. Set after 9x13 “Sharp Teeth."

Author’s Note: Yay, my first time to posting fic to LJ! Here’s hoping I don’t blow anything up… Also, merry belated Christmas! I started writing this last spring, and told myself I would polish it up and post before Christmas. Obviously, I’m a bit late, but I figured better late than never. Christmas lights are still up, right? Anyway, writing complicated season 9 boys was a fun challenge for me and I hope I did it justice. Hope you enjoy!

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